empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Update on Me

Recovering from a broken femur is truly a pain in the ass. I rock the walker in anything that resembles a public or social situation. This week, in the quiet of my Daughter or Parents home, I’ve been using a cane. Its slow and painful.

In spite of missing Mr. W something horrible, I’m glad I’m here with family recovering. I have out patient PT twice a week and do my exercises every morning and evening. In between, I wear out like a toddler and usually sleep for a couple of hours every afternoon. I have the same schedule as a well tended two year old.

My Son and Hubby are coming to DC for Thanksgiving – the first time since May that our family will be in the same state. I can hardly wait to see my Boy and just hope I don’t snivel when I’m finally in the same room with Mr. W again.

So this is me – slowly healing. Learning patience one day at a time. Recovery is pretty damn boring.
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