empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

I owe a much longer post BUT:

Broken femur healing. I can walk with a cane and drive a car. I will return to my new life in Decatur Georgia New Years Eve. Christmas is weird - Mr. W & I are in our former home, while Daughter & Son are elsewhere. Its our first post kids Christmas.

To our eternal delight: THE FATAWA LIVES! This is what we came home to last night....


Santa Claus done up as Fidel Castro, complete with beard and cigar. The Santa Pigs (two wearing Darth Maul masks) along with "Bay of Pigs" & "Capitalist Pigs" signs. And "Havana Merry Christmas" letters strung up in front of the house.

So the tradition of our Neighbors, walking their dogs and being horrified, continues. PLUS - since we don't live here any more - the problem of storing those damn pigs for a year belongs to my Daughter and Son in Law. Win Win WIN!!

Merry Christmas!!

ps - 2014 sucked green monkey dicks. Here's wishing for a much better, less drama prone 2015!
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