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Someday I'll stop complaining....

As I have been whining about for months: I broke my right femur in October and had emergency surgery to insert a rod and several screws in my leg. December 23rd, I had my post surgical doctors appointment. The X-rays looked good. My surgeon is satisfied that I was forming the all-important ‘callous’ over my broken bone. I’m walking with a cane full time. I can drive. I can go up and down steps.

I feel better and have had a marked increase in strength and stamina. Most importantly, finally returned to my new home in Decatur, Georgia. The first time up those 12 steep steps was dicey, but I can do it several times a day now.

Mr. Wonderful drove up right before Christmas. Irony seemed to be the defining characteristic of the holidays. I lived in the guest room of my old home. Mr. W and I had our first Christmas without our kids in a house we no longer live in. It wasn’t awful, but it was so weird.

Mr. Wonderful has been so terrific. He dug up my beloved climbing hydrangea, drove it to our new home after Christmas and planted it Sunday. Putting down roots, he said.

I flew down on New Years Eve. It seemed important to start the New Year in my new home with my husband of 29++ years. Since we’ve moved, because of my accident, I’d spent more time in my former home than my new one.

Now might be the time to mention how much my Parents and Daughter worked to help me regain my health. They were so kind and loving. When I was in rehab, my Folks came every day to check on me and again every night. My Mom helped me wash up. Once I was settled in bed, my Dad would come in and tell me he loved me. It made me feel very safe and loved. My Girl made me laugh and listened to me angst. It must have been tedious, but it really helped me.

I recovered in the quiet of my former, now my Daughters home. It was familiar and weird at first, living in the guest room of my former home. I could navigate the few steps into the house, use the kitchen and manage the two steps into the family room, bathroom and my bedroom. I did my morning PT with Monster the Wonderbunny hopping on me or trying to chew the walker. Daytimes I spent at my Folks. We watched Big Bang reruns and had naptime every day. After dinner they would deliver me back to my Girl.

My Folks ferried me to PT, Doctor appointments. They fed me breakfast, lunch and dinner. The night I had a pain medicine meltdown, they made up the couch into a bed and checked on me every few hours. My Girl occasionally took me to a movie or out to lunch. It was fun.

As the weeks crawled past, I had plenty of time to think about how my life was going. Might as well just face facts: 2014 sucked green monkey dicks. The move away from family and friends made me miserable. I am happy that my Son found a great job California, living his dream. BUT. It made me heartsick. It is hard to love people so much and have them all so far away. Also – living apart from Mr. W while recovering was hard. I've really turned into a whiner. YEESH.

In my worst moments, I’ve wondered if I’ve had all the joy I’m entitled to in this life. I’m really disappointed in myself. I blithely assumed that I’d adapt to our new life and instead had multiple disasters and then managed to about cripple myself.

Thank GWAD, the return to Decatur has been better than the initial move. I’ve joined a rehab gym & can do water aerobics, stationary bike and when I get my nerve up, the elliptical. Workouts hurt and are exhausting, but I’m grateful that I’m recovering. I’m truly sick of endless doctor rounds, but I have to do it.

Mr. W loves his new job. He found a band to play with. He made friends with all the neighbors. We live in a great place and had moments of fun lately. Saturday night the whole hood celebrated a 40th (Babies, I tell you – 40 is a BABY) birthday by getting drunk enough that we all had to leave our cars and walk home. THAT IS HARD TO DO WITH A CANE – whoo boy.

Sometimes I find a piece of the old me. The other day I remembered that when I fell, my Dad was so upset that he accidently kicked me in the head while he was calling 911. It made me laugh. That’s a good sign, right?

I need to start posting more. It feels good to get stuff out and let it go. Hope all is well with everyone in LJ land.
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