empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Looking over the horizon

slayesoftly wrote to me:

"Hope things are becoming less "meh" on the home front. The FB post in
which I quoted your view on "portable friends" popped up for some reason on
my news feed again, sparking a short conversation about how you were doing
and wondering if you were any happier than you had been at first. Hoping
the dramady that is the current state of Rep. politics is giving you
something to enjoy."
Thank you Sweetie! It’s so nice to be thought of. I wrote to you that I was doing better. FInally!  Being miserable sucks. I’ve mostly recovered from my broken femur.  The absence of pain has been a huge life improvement.

And YES!! The current GOP nominating contest is candy and giggles EVERY DAY. Trump changed his position on abortion 5 times in 3 days and had his campaign chief was indicted for battery. His overall negatives for women is -73%. I guess the GOP forgot that in the last election, they got their ass handed to them by women and people of color. This election is going to make Utah and Texas swing states. And Scalia is still dead, so the Supreme Court will never again be so ignorantly conservative.


It’s a long time till November and laughing so hard at the GOP can make my head hurt. I have to dole it out in daily increments lest I go into spasams…..WheW!

I’ve spent the last 3+weeks back in Maryland, mostly squatting with my Parents, which is awesome. I’ve also camped in my former home, babysitting Monster the Wonderbunny. Here’s a picture of the old man these days, contently munching on kale.

I’ve seen my extended family and old friends. This weekend Mr. W came north for a family reunion celebrating his Mom’s 85th birthday. His family is truly far flung, so it was great to have us all in the same place. It was the first time I’ve had a chance to visit my two adult nieces and I’m telling you: THEY ROCK. Someday these women will rule the world and the universe will be a much better place.

I head down south on Wednesday.  For the first time ever, in spite of knowing I'll snivel when I say goodbye to my girl, I'm going to be relieved to be back in my new hood.  This is real progress, so YaY!

I’ll start writing about my life in Decatur soon. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks again, LJ friends, for being there for me.
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