empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Message from the Cooking Gods

In Maryland, Tuesday was my favorite day of the week.  For the past 11+ years, Tuesday mornings were Starbucks, girlfriends and a solid hour of laughter and catching up. Tuesdays in Decatur are usually alone quiet time.  Some days go better than others, but Tuesdays often suck.

This Tuesday was EPIC.  I had a hankering for tomato soup.  I dropped a pan of roasted tomatoes all over the kitchen floor.  I dropped a hot roasted tomato between my apron and shirt. I dropped a potholder into the soup. I cleaned up the kitchen floor, counter and cabinets.  Amazing how far a couple of tomatoes will fly.

THEN, I dropped a bowl of red lentil soup on my newly cleaned floor.  My kitchen floor got cleaned twice today.  YaY!

I get it.  The cooking gods don’t want me in the kitchen today.  Message received.  I’m one load of laundry away from erasing the whole incident.

EDITED TO ADD:  Just took off my shirt and had tomato in my bra.  YEESH.  I'm so done.
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