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I hate Clarence Thomas

My Daughter wrote and article for CNN Politics today:


Best Part? The VP Office called her twice on it. To quote (more or less) from our texts to each other..

Her: Well the woman from his office wanted to remind me that one woman was given the chance to testify and chose not to. AND then (call #2) some really old lawyer dude was hilarious. I finally said "forgetting about the Supreme Court, what impact do you think this (Clarence Thomas confirmation) hearing had on women who experienced sexual harassment at work? Do you think this would encourage them to speak out? He was like OMG yes of course!!"

Me: Old white lawyer logic does not resemble Earth logic.

Her: Old White Lawyer in Politics, why wouldn't the public flogging be good for women? YOU'RE WELCOME LADIES.

Me: The reality is that Biden has been good for women, more or less. And since thats the best of them, another example of Why Men Suck and are Unfit to Govern.

Her: I just cracked up when that guy said yes of course (the hearings) were good for women. I mean, I just burst out laughing.

Me: What did he say when you started to laugh? After all, you interrupted him patting himself on the back.

Her: He said, Well, I'm not a women so I can't say for sure. I just laughed and said Yes, but you just did. So he said I do think it helped. The whole thing was so great. There is a series coming out and its fine Biden comes off looking bad, which will suck for a while but will blow over. So just put you head down and get through it. But don't try and tell me that this was some great moment for women. Ok its a blemish on his record that is otherwise decent. Don't act like its not there. Don't insult me.

Me: It shows that they haven't learned a damn thing.

Her: Exactly, you didn't really get the lesson.

Me: After those hearings, all us ABC News employees had to take Sexual Harassment Training. Whoo Boy did I have fun at those meetings. I raised my hand right away and pointed out that most of the producers and directors already knew how to harass women. I wondered why all the women needed to attend these meetings, since they already knew not to act the fool in public. By then the HR people were squirming along with the men in the room. THEN I said, "show of hands, how many women here think we never need to have production meetings in hotel bedrooms while on the road?" Every woman there laughed and clapped. I finished up with saying that if HR took our complaints seriously, the female population would not be sitting in the conference room. That got me a round of applause and a conversation in the Bureau Chiefs Office. When he told me I wan't taking the training seriously, I pointed out that lots of the producers expensed 'oh baby dinners' which I had pointed out to him before. (I used to approve expenses and this particular one really pissed me off.)

IN GENERAL: I hope this miniseries makes Clarence Thomas MISERABLE. Along with everyone else that was involved in the hearings before the Senate Judiciary. ASSHATS. AND IM STILL THRILLED AND HAPPY THAT SCALIA IS DEAD.

Um - Apparently I have a lot of anger every now and then......
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