empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

When I'm not paralyzed by homesickness, I can recognize that Decatur Georgia has considerable charms. I’ve already mentioned that I live on Hot Dad Corner. I also live across the street from a noted local sommelier and wine critic. He gets tons o wine FedEx deliveries. Every so often, they turn on their party lights, fire up the firepit and break out the wine. Tom and I come every time we are invited.

How I found myself last Saturday night: 2:52am, forth glass of wine, (yes, I am a lightweight, except in ACTUAL weight) staggering across the street to snore loud enough to wake the dead (according to Mr. Wonderful). I spent Sunday feeling like my head was on backwards. Boy Howdy that was fun. Thank you Eleanor and Gill, for being AWESOME and funny neighbors.

Here is a picture of Current CasaEmpresspatti. Its cute and small.

Here I can garden in a deer free environment. My lavender, planted along the fence last summer, mostly came back. What didn’t survive the winter, or was stomped by neighborhood boys, was easily replaced by ACE hardware, bulya. It smells great.

This is called burying the lead BUT the other GREAT thing about Decatur? King of Pops popcicles. I had a craving this evening, mentioned it and before I even knew, Mr. W had zoomed out and procured a raspberry lime popcicle. Teh YUM!
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