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This LJ is my best place to write about things that are important to me. Here goes:

My Cousin-The-Travel-Writer, Ed Readiker-Henderson, died this week. He was only 53 and been ill with various horrible things for a long time. I’m heartsick and sad and also relieved that his suffering has ended.

I love him very much and I’m going to miss him like the fury. Our Mommas are sisters, so technically he was my cousin. In reality, he was my brother. We have been friends since – well, always. We’ve corresponded for most of our lives and had a couple of great trips together. He spent most of his life in Alaska, Arizona, Washington State, with a long interlude in Japan, Anytime he passed through the East Coast, I'd get a call. Could I come pick him up at the airport? Yes I could. He was an important and beloved member of my tribe. Now he is gone, no longer suffering. My life is diminished by his death.

Afar Magazine has written a beautiful tribute to him.

He gave an amazing Ted Talk

He was a contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler I loved this article.

He wrote several wonderful books. I worried that I don't know about all of them but here is a partial list:

Listening for Quiet – Kindle
A Short History of the Honey Bee
Under The Protection of the Cow Demon
Inside Passage
Adventures Along The Alaskan Highway (there were many editions of this book)
British Columbia
Japanese Pilgrimages

I’m going to head to Bellingham Washington to help close his house and make sure his bequests get to people he loved. Boy Howdie, (a phrase I learned from him) it will be tough emotional terrain.

Ed was a great gift to me all his life. Here we are on the "Mom Bails on Thanksgiving Caribbean Adventure"

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