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Well, 2017 started out with a bang.

First off, the boys next door had fireworks, which of course, had Tom digging around our garage until he found his bag of explosives. That had all the little boys & big boys out setting off fireworks. It was a nice steady drizzle, so no one's house burnt down. Then our neighbor came back to the house to drink some scotch, dry off and talk. He left after an hour, so I was snoring by 11:30p. I have no optimism re 2017 & didn't see a reason to stay awake when my pillows were calling.

Tom woke up at 4am & noticed a sketchy person checking the trunk latches on cars on our street. He called the police (it should be noted that the phone is on my side of the bed), heard them come with sirens screeching and they knocked on the door twice to talk to Tom. Who was wearing his sleeping shorts, a t shirt, his disreputable yellow zip sweatshirt and new slippers. WHAT A FASHIONISTA!

All this went down before 5am and I slept through the entire event. Never heard a thing.

Apparently Mr. Wonderful and the policeman had coffee downstairs & chatted for a while. Tom says he didn't bother to shut the bedroom door, because NOTHING was making an impression on me.

BUT there is a good reason that I slept so heavily. I'm now enjoying a cough and scratchy throat. We took down the xmas tree and stored everything in the attic. I took a shower and made bean soup which is delicious. I haven't left the house. Tom just went for a walk & I saluted him with my mug of tea. Its 47 degrees and drizzling and I am choosing to act like an Atlantian. I'm huddled under a sweater acting like its awful, freezing weather. I'm wondering why I put on real clothes after my shower, I could have just put on clean pjs.

I am going to try and post more. I have a ton of catching up to do, but if I don't start now I might as well deactivate my journal. Maybe now is the time to say I don't care where the servers are. I'm here, period.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2017. I'm not optimistic about the Trump administration, but that is an epic rant for many other days......
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