empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

That didn't start out like I planned.....

Whoo Boy

I’m not expecting anything good from 2017 – or the next 4 years for that matter – but I wasn’t expecting to expire on Day Two of the New Year.

What seemed to be a scratchy throat morphed into a truly unpleasant experience. I coughed, dripped, sneezed and alternated between fevers and chills. I also ate a huge bowl of bean soup which DID NOT AGREE WITH ME.

Tom patted me on the head and wished me a quick death. I missed Sherlock (thank goodness for On Demand) and proceeded to snore, sneeze, cough and backfire for 12 hours. WoW!

Glad that’s over.

BUT – I have promised myself that I would work out, so off to the gym I went. Day one was miserable – I barely managed half an hour on the elliptical. But today I went to water aerobics, had coffee with a girlfriend and made old fashioned tuna casserole for dinner. Minimal progress.

AND off to bed at 7:30p because I hate to waste a good misery. I’m going to snore through Big Bang reruns like a pro.
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