empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

I have always found my friend Miss Peg to be intelligent, delightful and so so so funny. She's currently living in Japan and routinely sends me GREAT emails.

From Miss Peg today:

Japan's most charming festival is one where old sewing needles are taken to the temple, stuck in a square of tofu while monks chant, and thanked for all the joy they brought and the service they performed over the past year. It is celebrated every February 8. Tofu is the final resting place for the needles because people think they deserve a soft place after all their hard work.

And just how delightful is THAT!

Be aware that I'll be at the temple with needles in hand on February 8. If any of you have any you want to thank, you might just want to do it at home, although I'll be more than happy to take along any you want to send me.

Miss Peg knows how to wield a needle. Check out this work in progress, totally, completely hand stitched.

I can't wait to visit Japan
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