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Wrangell Alaska has considerable charm. For one thing, it wasn’t the ferry. It was good to be back on dry land, with the possibility of non-fried food, beds that weren’t plastic lawn chairs and a glass of wine with dinner.

Amanda had a deadline, Tom wasn’t there for another day and I had all the time in the world to wander around and explore. First order of business was to donate a copy of one of Ed’s books, Under the Protection of the Cow Demon, to the Wrangell Library.

The librarian couldn’t have been nicer to a snively old lady. She also had no problem with me borrowing a book. “Well,” she told me, “You can leave your cellphone number if you want. Just bring the book back before you leave.” Ok then.

Along with three Hardware stores and a Marine Supply store, there were Pirates on Main Street.

Naturally I had a favorite Pirate

There were some beautiful Totem Poles

It took me a while to notice how quiet the place was. Huge Ravens were everywhere being noisy and sometimes making a noise that to me, sounded like an electronic car lock. Occasionally a car or boat or float plane would zip by, but mostly it was silent in a way I had never heard. No sirens, no traffic noise. I could hear the wind in the trees. All my life I’ve lived in densely populated urban landscapes. This was a completely different environment.

Everything was in bloom, including the walls.

My Mom’s birthday is in July. In Maryland, a flower called Queen Ann’s Lace was always blooming. In Wrangell, it looked a little different and was called Indian Celery.

Wrangell is a working town. Fishing season was about to start, so people were preping their nets.

I really liked this pile of fishing stuff.

Boat and Moose Antlers made me laugh.

Amanda and I met for dinner at The Hungry Beaver. It was THE (as in the only) place for pizza in Wrangell. We watched a really bad date happen. The waitress was friendly, so we asked: There seemed to be a lot more men than women in Wrangell?

“Yes,” she told us. “The odds are good but the goods are odd.”
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