empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

First moments in Tokyo

I'm in Japan with my beloved Miss Peg (she and Gary have a diplomatic posting and Im mooching for all I'm worth)for the next 5 weeks. These first two weeks, Tom and Evan are here too. We all got in and met up about 18 hours ago. This is the email I sent to family and friends.

Its 2am in Tokyo and I am WIDE AWAKE. Yeesh. So HI!

Holy Moley - that is one long ass 14 hour plane ride from Atlanta to Japan. I read a whole book, most of The Big Bang Theory's latest season and watched two bad movies. Film note: Unforgettable was krapastic crap. I so enjoyed its awfulness. BUT this is just to give you an idea of how long 14 hours in an airplane really is! I also spent a lot of time with the eye shade thingy on pretending to be asleep.

The hardest part of the whole trip was after the plane - getting through immigration, then finding the right transport from Norita to the right part of Tokyo. Evan came in to the airport much closer and figured out the metro in about 9 seconds. Tom and I had a 40 minute bus ride. LESSON LEARNED.

Miss Peg and Gary live in a two story, 6 bedroom 5 full bathroom penthouse in the American Embassy complex. When you come through immigration you have to tell them how long you are staying and where you are staying. Writing 'American Embassy' on the form made for extra grilling from the intake official. It was pretty funny.

Someone here made extra special gourmet mayonnaise and put Garys picture on the label. I giggled myself into hiccups when I saw the jar. Evan looks great and is really excited to be here. Tom managed to have a terrible calamity with his airline meal and wore most of it on his shirt for the trip. We looked like the Clampets by the time we got to the residence. I've never been so happy to take a shower!

Tokyo is beautiful and clean clean clean. I've yet to see so much as a cigarette butt on the ground.
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