empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Apparently I have miles and miles of anger

How about we talk about the tsunami of sexual misconduct allegations currently engulfing the news cycle?

The sound you are hearing is my gleeful cackling. I love the daily bloodletting.

Personally, I think its Christmas morning every day, several times a day. I happily read the latest revelations and those lame-ass groveling apologies. I delight in the firings and resignations. I revel in their embarrassment. I don’t feel sorry for a single one of the badly behaved men who have made women’s lives miserable. I don’t care if it was one woman 100 years ago. I can hold a grudge, gladly.

BTW – lots of the revelations about to rock Our Nations Capital? Those settlements were often paid for with taxpayer dollars. How’s that for a fun revelation?

I wish them all the short brutal life of a kindergarten pet. I have a coffee mug with the label ‘Male Tears.” It makes my morning coffee delicious.

TBD if these revelations truly change anything. I’m delighted if men are afraid of angry women now. I’m glad that they are feeling uncertain and afraid of most encounters. Welcome to the female life. Just try and tell any of us that we are ‘hysterical” or "unreasonable.” I dare you.

I read once that for meaningful change, you need at least 20% representation. I guess I’m not going for change. I’m going for Revolution. BURN DOWN THE PATRIARCHY.

This was my Daughters take on one aspect of the current wave of revelations:

Warn young women; don’t fire old gross men- keep promoting them? EPIC BULLSHIT

It’s all sickening and shows its never just a silent abuser and no one knew. It’s a system that trained us to warn women how to manage men but doesn’t bother teaching men anything.

I was thinking how many people talk to their daughters about being safe, not drinking, no walking alone not wearing heels, not having open drinks at parties. How many people talk to their sons about not raping, not drinking too much, not ever having sex without explicit consent of your partner?

Well said Girlfriend!

AND AND AND: For every single stinking loser out there harassing women: You are personally responsible for their loss of career, incomes, retirement benefits. You made it harder for them to succeed, support their families. You took away their safety. Don’t ask for forgiveness. SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.

Also – for all you men that say “I’m not like that” and aren’t like that: So what? You don’t get a cookie, or even a mention, for hitting the minimum bar on basic human decency.

If you’ve lived your life unaware, or knew but didn’t say anything, or looked away when you saw it happening, or quietly offered support without making a rumpus at the offender, I think you are part of the problem. Too damn bad if this makes you uncomfortable. Why should I feel any sympathy?

When I think of the landscape of my life, all the women I know - every single one of them has been harassed, verbally denigrated or assaulted at least once in their lives. THINK ABOUT THAT.

For you guys that did take a stand back before it was cool: Now make your buddies do it too. It is the new minimum behavior bar.


I’m hoping this is the last ranty rant rant in me. OH WAIT: PRESIDENT PUSSY GRABBER IS A PATHETIC IGNORANT LOSER.
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