empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Monster the Wonderbunny

Here in Empresspattiland, we’ve had a very sad day. I’m a mess.

At the venerable old age of 9, Monster the Wonderbunny has died. He was sweet and loving right up to his last day. My Daughter is inconsolable. Monster was her beloved companion.

I’m glad he had such a long and happy life. I loved being the bunny sitter. When I broke my femur and was recovering at my Daughter’s house, Monster kept me company every time I did my rehab exercises. The minute I got down on the floor, he’d come sit close and keep an eye on me.

I have always been amazed that a tiny creature (he was 3 1/2 pounds, tops) could convey so much personality. He was always affectionate and bossy. He was the ultimate floor monitor. He had strong opinions on dark socks (usually no), and even stronger options about sitting on his floor (NO). He was inquisitive, stubborn and bossy. He was filled with joy.

He chewed my Daughter and SIL out of house and home. This was his last afternoon, contemplating his life's work.

RIP Monster. I’ll carry you in my heart always. You were a good bunny.
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