empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Whoo Boy

I'm in Maryland because my Dad has had several major health issues lately. This is the note I sent Mr. W last night. Proceed with caution!

I got home yesterday afternoon and this is a list of what happened while I did a few errands.

1) Dad had thrown a fit about waiting for my Mom to make an online appt for bloodwork. He put on his coat & flounced to the van. Instead of ignoring him and making the appt, Mom got in the van to drive him because apparently we reward bad behavior.

2) Mom managed to hit the drivers side rear view mirror on the garage door backing out. Tiny chip in the casing, huge drama from Dad

3) They got to the bloodwork place and Dad realized that he had forgotten his wallet, so they couldn't check in.

4) On the way back to the house for his wallet, Dad threw a huge fit about how he didn't have his wallet because Mom is in charge of his pants. Suddenly my Dad and Tom seem awfully similar. Not a happy comparison.

5) Back at bloodwork land, they had to wait forever because no appointment

6) Back at home, Mom was stripping beds & doing stuff upstairs when Dad decided it would be a good idea to find the tax returns in the basement.

Several reasons this was fucktard stoopid:
Mom had no idea.
Walking down basement stairs (he has a special lift for the upstairs!)
No walker or cane (he said he hung onto 'stuff in the basement' to get to the file cabinet)
Couldn't make it all the way up the stairs & had to bellow for Mom (she's hard of hearing and was upstairs) to come get him. Also, he had one of his hands full with tax returns, so it made a stupid unsafe thing to do even worse.

SO - I get home about 4p in the afternoon and the atmosphere in the 'Rents home was so bad that I called UBER and waited 2 hours in the cold, but blissfully peaceful Wheaton Firestone tire center for my car to be done. Once the car was ready, I took myself out for Viet food. I got home around 7:30p. Dad was sitting in his chair downstairs. Mom was upstairs reading her book.

I had the singular pleasure of telling Dad he'd acted like an asshole and then stomping upstairs to watch tv with Mom. Today, she has declined the honor of fixing his breakfast or generally fetcher stepping for him. Its kind of funny to watch. OTOH - He hasn't apologized so there is that. ANYWAY - he must be feeling much better to be acting like such an enormous tool. Yay?
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