empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Notes on a life, from Mr. Wonderful

Tom had College Professor Parents and two well behaved sisters. He married into the Loud and Tall Tribe. It is not for the faint of heart. All family gatherings are LOUD, with a lot of laughter and nonsense. Your ears will ring the day after.

I grew up with my Parents, and a younger brother. My Aunt, Uncle and 3 younger boy cousins lived right around the corner. I always say I was raised with two sets of parents and four younger brothers. Tom waded right in and never looked back. We'd host family gatherings and the mix of his short, well mannered tribe and my family of tall, loud jokers was always strange and wonderful. Tom's tribute to my Dad touched me greatly.

It is only fitting and proper that in the same Church which played such an large role in his life that we say goodbye to Harvey Glen Kloehn.

More than thirty three years ago in this very room, I forever joined the Kloehn Family.

He proudly wore many titles in his life time Devoted Husband, Encouraging Father, Doting Grandpa, supportive and Loyal Friend. His passing leaves countless gaps in our daily lives that will be hard to fill.

Who will say grace at the dinner table when the entire family is gathered round for a holiday?

Who will stand out above everyone else in a crowded airport to wave you a welcome home? Remember the people that had to dodge the cane he was waving?

Who will give you rib crushing hugs just to say good night?

Who will bait countless fish hooks for grandkids? 

Who will be the first to the emergency room to remove a fish hook from his calf? 

Who will repair anything that needs repairing with duck tape and super glue and a fear inducing “WHOOP”!

Who will repair our broken hearts?

Collectively, we will all have to help each other to do that. We must see past the sorrow and smile remembering all that he was, all that he taught us. We must honor his memory by striving to be as kind, generous, and loving a person that Harvey was every day of his life.
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