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Batter Up

My son plays junior varsity baseball.  He and Mr. Wonderful spend a great deal of time throwing the ball around.  They watch baseball on tv and discuss all kinds of baseball stuff that leaves me snoring. 


Still, I have made it to every jv baseball game.  I slap on the 45 sun block and go with my father – otherwise known as Grandpa.  We sit and cheer each pitch and catch.  Everyone else on the planet works so we are designated cheering section. 


The team consists of 14 boys, all in various stages of being almost 15 years old.  By this I mean that they are all different sizes and trip over their feet a lot.  They are sweet kids; boys that age really are wonderful if you can stand the spitting and farting for amusement.


They usually they lose 51 to 12 or 14 to 8 which was a nail biter, because they had a chance.  One inning the pitcher walked 12 in a row.  But they keep showing up, playing and having fun and dope slapping and shoving each other and trying hard in goofy little boy way to win.  My son plays 2nd base and is really, really into it.  


Coach requires them to wear a nice shirt and tie for home games, team jersey for away games.  My son takes this very seriously, especially since he wears CNN T shirts and baggy jeans every day since kindergarden.  Coach is about 30, really cute, and really good with the boys.  He never tears them down, no matter how stupid the error was or how bad the pitch was.


Mr. Wonderful only gets to the Saturday games, but when he comes home in the evenings we have dinner and a game re-cap, to report everything that happened and what the coach said.  My son is more animated than usual during these conversations; sometimes he even slows down the eating to talk. 


Because I can never just shut up, I have volunteered to have an end of the season bbq.  I once had a party for about 150 people; I’ll just make the same amount of food. Only it will be chicken, hamburgers, chips and cake.  No salsa or salad for this bunch.


 I’m hooked the boys of jv baseball, these pretty afternoons, knowing how lucky I am to have the time to sit with my Dad and watch my son.    
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