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Being compulsive is always fun...

I have a shiny new obsession called gardening.  We have a big corner yard, covered with trees, so it is a challange to find plants that grow in shade.  If you have any advice, please fell free to educate me.  Previously the extent of my interest in gardening was to mow the lawn and rake, rake, rake, leaves in the fall.


My Son mowed the lawn today.  He used to be too little to push the mower, but today he even did the big hill in front of the house.  I was proud of him and lavished the praise.  He really is growing up nice.


My Mother-in-law (MIL) is a master gardener, which means that while she was here she pointed her cane and I did as told.  Still, it got me started.  I have always loved flowering houseplants and cactus.  I have a lot of indoor plants. 


But outside is more fun, grubbing around in the dirt and digging holes with the shovel.  Today I got this really long pole thing and trimmed branches on the trees.  I’m lucky I can move fast because I had not realized that when you saw a branch off above your head, it could fall straight down and conk! 


I saw stars for a while, but it barely slowed me down.  Tomorrow I’m going to fire up the chipper-mulcher thing and grind up all the branches I cut down.  I figure it will either go really well or be a trip to the emergency room.


Gardening is playing with dirt and cleaning outside.  I’m in heaven. 
Tags: new obsession called gardening
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