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Busy doing nothing...

Seems like this is the first time I have actually sat down (not in a movie theater) in a few weeks. Who knew the holiday would be so busy?

My daughter surprised me by arriving home from college a day early, "so we can watch Gilmore Girls together." What a thrill it was to see her on the doorstep. She only started college the end of August, but it seems like she had been away forever and it was wonderful to have her rooting around the 'fridge and chattering nonstop about her new life. And even more fun - we wallowed in bed one morning and watched "Once More with Feeling" and "Band Candy" - both her choices. We both agreed that we have not outgrown BtVS and really miss the show.

Thanksgiving day was our traditional lasagna dinner. (Last year the kids wanted lasagna, ribs and mashed potatoes. Nothing like lasagna and mashed potatoes on the same plate!) With home made chocolate cookies for dessert. Friday my husband's side of the family showed up for the turkey and trimmings. It was fun all around. Two days of big meals and I felt like I should carry my ass around in a wagon. It felt good to go on a huge walk Saturday. It was the first time in a few days that I wasn't in the kitchen. Today - after dropping the college student back in her dorm (home she calls it!)I met a longtime friend and we walked and talked for hours. It is really good to see a friend that you have known most of your life. So many shared experiences. What a treasure.

My son and husband are building a model train board that is taking over the basement. Keeps them busy and happy , and they both have blue fingers.  Who knows what goes on in boyland when I'm gone all day.

I saw ton o movies in the last two weeks:

History of Violence - really good and really disturbing.  Since I am a wussy, I had to watch through my fingers on numerous occasions..

Pride & Pred - Jane Austin is always good and this was wonderful.  Beautifully shot and acted. 

Derailed - ok - I should have just waited for the dvd.  As caper movies go - I prefer the laughs more than the misery.

Harry Potter - Went Wed before Thanksgiving with the whole family and we all loved it.  Don't take a drink to the move -- darn thing was almost three hours long!

Walk the Line - I liked it.  Boys pretty.  My daughter was ready to go 45 minutes before the movie ended. 

Ice Harvest - Me husband and 14 yr old son went yesterday.  Naturally most of the movie takes place in strip bars (no I did not know this going in) so my son thinks we are the best parents ever.  This was a dark and funny movie which reminded me of Blood Simple - a Cohen Brothers movie from years ago.  Still, I spent a good portion of the movie with my hands over my eyes, wussy that I am about blood. I remembered that I thought John Cusack was really cute.  Seems as if  James Marsters (or maybe just the abs of Spike) have taken over my mind. 

Also realized that the season of the Christmas party is almost upon me - and I have lost enough weight to justify something smashing (or at least new pants and a great sweater) to wear over the season.  WooHoo!

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