empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

S'Mothers Day

S’Mothers Day shaped up to be a big family event.  My brother, his wife and their twins are in from California for a visit.  I had not seen my niece and nephew for a year.  They are 10 now, smart beautiful kids who knocked me right off the grandchild pedestal.  Who could compete with twins?


I have a lot of family in the area.  My Mom and my Aunt have always lived close.  I was prolly 10 before I really understood the difference between “brother” and “cousin”.  It was always the four boys and me, only one was my ACTUAL brother.  We ran in a herd and I never understood the distinction.


Growing up, I was the oldest and boss of everything.  My brother and oldest cousin turned 18 and were taller than me before they ever thought to challenge the pecking order.  Luckily, everyone in our extended family has a great sense of humor or the boys would have offed me long ago when they discovered girls.  I was a menace. 


Everyone is married with kids now, so there is a whole mess of us.  When we all get together, it is a loud, laughing, eating too much kind of brawl.


Happy S’mothers day!  My Mom can still make me feel guilty at my ripe old age of 51.  She is the master I aspire to emulate.  
Tags: my best friend's mom
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