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Ta Da! And Brain Damage

Ta Da!


It finally happened.  I’ve been chasing it for months and was beginning to think I’d never see the day.  Today I bench pressed 100 lbs.  Little old me managed to lift triple digits!   Whoo  RAH!


Well, it’s a big deal to me.


In other News of the Weird, or the Brain Damage part:


Mr. Wonderful and I hosted my son’s jv baseball end of the season BBQ here Saturday night. 


It went like this


Fifteen 14-year-old-boys arrived at 5p along with the coach and two other parents besides us.  The boys ate 18 hamburgers, 20 chicken legs, 24 hot dogs and assorted chips, salsa and potato salad.  They then demolished a sheet cake, which was supposed to feed at least 24. 


Food consumption happened in less than one hour and the next 3 hours the boys drank a case of water and a case of soda, hollered, played football and tossed baseballs non-stop.  All this was accompanied by audio migraine, or whatever it is that 14-year-old boys listen too, which sounds even better at mind exploding volume.


By the time they left at 9p I was ready to die of exhaustion, and I could not figure out why I was so whipped, except that to watch that much energy in motion is a numbing experience.


It reminded me of how I used to feel after the kids birthday parties when they were little.  Gah – I really am old.


But the boys were so sweet, thanking us for a great time and talking about “next year.” 


It will take a year for my ears to stop ringing.
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