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Events have conspired to keep me off of lj.

It has been beautiful weather so I have been outside playing. I highly recommend it.

Then along came a mongo thunderstorm that fried “my” computer.

Last count we had seven computers around here, but my computer had the keyboard I like and is in the den, not the kitchen (privacy = everyone out of my hair plus I don’t need to spend any more time than I already do in the kitchen). It had all my settings and favorite sites. Not to mention all the important spreadsheets. I really, really don’t want to have to re-create everything. This has potential to be an attack of the Crap Fairy.


Because I am a moron, I will have to patiently wait for Mr. Wonderful to buy the widget to fix the hard drive and whatever other voodoo has to happen. I’m planning to nag until I can use my effing computer again.

Whine time over!

Mr. Wonderful dodged a bullet at the last minute yesterday. I was all geared up for the Big Drama otherwise known as “you forgot that today is our 21st wedding anniversary”. Imagine my letdown when he called and suggested rounding up the kids and meeting at a restaurant to celebrate.

“Ha!” said my daughter the college student who knows everything, “now you have to take a shower and put on mascara.”

“No one died,” I groused, “I don’t have to put on mascara.”

“Yes you do, go poke your eyes, we’re gonna be late.”

We all had the kind of fun evening that really lucky people have. Marriage and family are hard work. Mr. Wonderful and I have not always had smooth sailing. Last night we laughed and laughed and knew how blessed we are.
Tags: yesterday - wedding anniversary
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