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I'm with the band

Mr. Wonderful’s band has a gig tonight at Staccato’s, 2006 18th St, NW DC. The band is called “The Geriatriks”. They have successfully completed their “Midlife Crisis Tour” and are now on the “Large Print Tour.”

They write and perform original music, mostly rock and roll. As bands go – they don’t suck but I don’t think they will be filling any stadiums. The opportunities for mocking are endless so I always have fun. My BFF’s husband is the bass player (Mr. W is drums). She is much more supportive and never makes the peeeyooo face during a song.

Tonight is a big deal for the boys – mainly because it is the first Saturday night gig ever, also because they go on at 10:30p instead of the usual 8:30p. Usually they like the earlier time because – old! I’m bringing number only son as it is a thrill to get into a bar and drink water when you are 15.

We have to be somewhere by 11am Sunday, for Father’s Day, so I am looking forward to a grumpy rock star tomorrow. Naps will happen.

Whoo-hoo, big time. It will cost all our friends, who by 10:30p on a Saturday would rather not, $5 to get in. As one of our buddies told us, cheap entertainment!

I don’t have to pay. I’m with the band. I’m the groupie.

This band got started as many do: the wives conspired to get husbands out of the house on Sunday afternoons. Too much remote control flipping on the weekends makes females insane.

We decided that rehearsals should be at Tim’s because he wasn’t married and wasn’t using his dining room. Plus – there no one else had to listen to band practice. Tim has since gotten married, but tough darts.

So come on down and have a laugh!
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