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The Geritriks

This post is for Evilawyer who commented re: my last post:

Do you have to beat sex-mad groupie chicks off your man with a stick? I can just see you hanging onto a balcony railing and launching yourself at the ho who gets up on stage and starts macking on Mr. Wonderful…


Oh Sweetie!! I’m still laughing at that visual. I sure hope some Ho macks on him at a gig someday.

Saturday night was so much fun. I knew I was in for a good evening when Mr. Wonderful and I had to plead with the bar owner to allow our underage kids into the bar.

“I’m in the band,” says Mr. Wonderful. “I’ll watch them every minute and kill them if they even look at alcohol,” I promised.

Any of you out there have parents beg to allow you into a bar when you were 15 and/or 19?

Since we were much older and greyer, he acquiesced, mostly intimidated by the Mom in me. Both kids had large permanent sharpie X’s drawn on the back of both hands.

“The mark of shame” my 19-year-old daughter told me. “At $4 a pop you only get two soda’s” I told her.

There was another band up first, who played covers and had their own crowd of 20-something fans. We listened politely and clapped. Lots of CNN buddies showed up, soon it looked like everyone was partying with their parents.

A drunk bar type kept hitting on my daughter. “I’m clearly here with my Parents” she kept telling him. “I should thank them,” he says. “Yeaah”, she said. “Meet my Mom.”

I was very polite. “Hands visible at all times, don’t make me give you a time out,” I told him. “Gee, thanks Mom” said my girl. “You’re gonna be slapping down guys for years, might as well practice, “ I told her.

Finally at 11p the first band got off the stage. The Geriatriks hustled their equipment onstage to thunderous cheers (ok – cat calls and hoots).

They set up quick and did that check, check, check thing with the mikes. That was when they noticed that they were missing Rhythm Guitarist.

“Anyone seen Tim?” asks Bass Guitar.

Everyone in the bar looked around at each other. Then the bathroom door opened and Tim yells, “Ready!” I about died laughing, along with the rest of the bar population.

So with great fanfare The Geratriks started a commotion.

I was shoved in front of the stage and told to throw my underwear. To bad I didn’t think to bring a pair of my size 12 white cotton panties.

The guitar guys stood in front, wearing baggy shorts, white tube socks and tennis shoes. “Album cover material” says my daughter. Its hard to see Mr. Wonderful as he sits behind them drumming. All he sees is butts, so no Ho macked on him. Cept me.

During a pause in the music one of our friends yelled, “Prune juice break!” Everyone cracked up.

Something wonderful happened. The Geriatriks ROCKED! I have changed my opinion from “they don’t suck” to “old guys rock and roll.” It’s all original music – r&r and r&b.

There were approx 75 people in the bar, and by the end of the set everyone was dancing. They did two encores and bounded off the stage all fired up. It was good to be a rock god for a few hours. Their take of the door was $26 each, which just about paid for parking. We got home at 1:30am – the time cool, hip people are heading out.

And I slept with a rock star.
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