empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,


Today my Dad turned 77, my Mom turned 76.  Happy Birthday, beloved parents.  The six of us went out to dinner, which would have been more fun if the restaurant wasn’t so noisy that both ‘rents had trouble hearing.  Much adjusting of hearing aids; the manager was nice enough to turn down the music in our corner, but jeez louise, what a loud place.  Aren’t nice restaurants supposed to be quiet?  Why does every surface have to be noise reflective? 


Today my Son was taller than me.  He wasn’t last week. 


Today my Daughter moved into her college apartment.  She cried as she left this evening and called me when she got there to tell me she was locked in safely (her roommates don’t move in for another month).  This is a much more permanent move than first year dorm drop off. 


I feel so many things that I can’t begin to sort them out or process all the thoughts zooming through my head.


I think I’m in for a long sleepless night.

Tags: today
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