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In my boring world...

Heartfelt thank you to, evilawyer, boschette and green_maia for the kind comments regarding my last post.  It helped 


Life took me by surprise that night, as I suddenly realized that everything family would be different from then on.  I’m glad I didn’t have the light bulb moment until the last second; it was over before I had a chance to make a fool of myself and snivel in front of my family.  The last thing I ever want my kids to think is that it is not ok to grow up and live their lives. 


Now I really understand how the family dog feels when it sees the suitcases go into the car.


Mr. Wonderful took all last week off work.  No, we did not go on a glorious vacation.   We did not laze in bed.  We did not have affectionate moments. 


We moved one ton of dirt, re-grading the landscape on one side of our house, necessary because of the lovely monsoon that caused a flood in our yard/basement of a few weeks ago. 


What a marriage enhancing experience! When we were finished hauling dirt to fro we pretty much hated each other. Par for the course, I guess. 


Luckily for us, the next day the 1 ½ tons of slate was delivered, so we (he) could build the very nice retaining wall, which will forever more redirect run off in our yard.  


After that – we got to lay slate walkways and re-landscape plants.  I have never been so glad to have “vacation” over.  Mr. Wonderful is back at “work” and I am back at the gym, because hauling dirt and rocks made me gain weight!


So as you can see, except for occasional misery, life is pretty damn boring around here. 





Tags: in my boring world...
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