empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Summer Daze

The heat has made me lethargic.  All I do is workout and then lie on the couch in the air conditioning and read. 


I have just discovered author Eric Dezenhall.  He lives and works locally and writes smartfunnysmart stories with vivid, memorable characters.  I picked up his newest, Turnpike Flameout at the library on a random book grab.  While reading it I realized that a former coworker from CNN works at the authors crisis management firm. 


SO, last weekend, while I was eating my weight in BBQ at a party I squeed to said former coworker about how much I loved his bosses books.  Last Monday Mr. Dezenhall sent me ALL of his books – autographed.  I already plowed through Money Wanders and am in the beginning of Jackie Disaster.  These books have intelligent, funny, cynical, caper plots and did I mention great characters? If you like Elmore Leonard or grew up reading Donald Westlake, you’d LOVE these.  Hope someone gives them a look and enjoys as much as I have.


Meanwhile back at the ranch…


My son’s friends are over every day and they eat, eat, eat, and bounce loudly around, playing music at mind melting decibels.  I walked into the kitchen and noticed a boy not my own buried head and shoulders in the fridge.  He backed out and told me seriously, “You are all out of lunchmeat and chocolate syrup, so I put them on the grocery list.” 


“Where is my son?” I asked him. 


“I think he’s around here someplace.  Are you going to make brownies?” 


If you feed them, they never leave.  Or turn down the music, or stop clomping around dope slapping each other, belching.


So it goes in the land of the boys.     


I took my daughter to have some lab work done today and she fainted right after the blood was drawn.       *Sigh*


She always does this; it sure gets the lab techs all upset.  They come running out to get me from the waiting room.  There lies my girl, on the sissy blood drawl chair, (you know – the laying down one instead of the sitting up one) all green faced with a wet paper towel on her head. 


I told her “too bad there isn’t a mirror, so you could see how green you are.”  “Hand me my purse,” says she, “I have a mirror there.” 


We both laughed as she inspected her greenness.  What a drama queen.  Luckily for us, as we were leaving Kaiser, they called to tell her that they had put the samples in the wrong vials, so we get to have this good time all over again on Monday.  Whoopie! 


Till then, I’m on the couch!

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