empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

The New Car

If you see a 51 year old wandering around the parking lot, (not that you would, I’m invisible because of my age) pushing her trunk unlatch button at various cars – it’s me. 


I can’t find my @#$%!! car.   I also can’t swear in case my Mom ever reads this.  She can still inspire guilt. 




For the last 15 years I had a choice between the van and the sedan.  I have resisted updating the autos for years with various excuses such as “Its cheaper to fix it” or “I don’t want to have a new driver and a new car at the same time.”  Reality is that I’m a tightwad. 


Lately, the van’s a/c gave out.  I’m too cheap to expensively repair on an old car.  The sedan has a/c but for some reason the power windows short out the alternator, which makes the battery die, so we disconnected them.  Solved the problem BUT it makes me crazy not to be able to open the windows.  Daughter does not mind, so she drives it.  Both our cars had 130,000+++ mileages.  Time for a new car.


I hate buying cars.  They cost a lot of money to buy and use. I don’t get my self-esteem from a car, or any possession, really – ok maybe my kids. Cars are soup cans with wheels and advertising. It makes me mad to spend that much money on something not travel. 


The upside is car shopping, the one sport where I excel.  I got such a deal on the new car that the dealership hates me because I made the salesman cry.  Our insurance company congratulated me though.   I’m NEVER buying a new car again.  This one should last 15 years and by then maybe we won’t need a car anymore.


Now, everywhere I go, all the cars look just like mine.  I try to remember where I’ve parked, but the only certainty is the automatic trunk opener.  I have spent lots o time lately at someone else’s car pointing my key and saying “damn it.”


I wish the new car were yellow with purple pokadots.  Then I could find the sucker.  Meanwhile, I’m the guy wandering around the parking lot.

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