empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

The Song of the Lentil

I’ve been miserable lately.  I have been a mean, short-tempered person.  Ok, maybe the real me has been loose.


After zipping through a pap smear, bone density test, mammogram and colonoscopy with great results, I had a blood test.  Imagine my delight when I learned that my cholesterol, LDL level (bad cholesterol) and blood sugar were all too high.


 Oh joy!  


I now have to eat very carefully and educate myself to make sure I am eating the right combination of foods. 


Plus – drop 10 to 12 lbs within three months (ok fine – I’ve been talking about that forever anyway).  After the three months I get tested again.  Hopefully I’ll be improved – and thinner - and won’t have to take medicine to control cholesterol/blood sugar.


Motivating, to say the least.  Still, I had no excuse for yelling at the doctor except that she kept me waiting for over an hour in the exam room.  If it had been the first time this had happened, I might have let it go, but this is the norm.  I got hot, I had someplace else I had to be and I just got PISSED.


I opened the exam room door and hollered down the hall “who the hell do I have to sleep with to get the doctor in here?”


This got me the doctor, who explained how busy she was.  I said “I know something myself about managing time under stressful deadlines, you are inconsiderate.”  We didn’t part as pals.  Screw it.


One of my first “new diet” meals was baked green pepper stuffed with red lentils.  Tasted good, but man o man did that ever trigger an unpleasant episode of flatulence.  Mr. Wonderful handed me a gift.  GasX tablets. 


“You’ve been singing the Song of the Lentil,” he said with a perfectly straight face.  “Time to deal.”


In more ways than one.

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