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Boobs, and the checkbook

Mr. Wonderful and Son left Friday night for male bonding/camping in the woods and did not return till Sunday evening.  They had a great time, judging by how bad they smelled.


Daughter, concerned that I would be lonely (HA!) spent Friday night.  We had a great time, seeing “Little Miss Sunshine.”  GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  I almost died laughing.


Saturday we went on the college students nirvana, a Mom sponsored shopping trip.  We got our boobs measured at Nordstrom. 


Apparently, I have been wearing the wrong size bra for years.  I am both smaller (bandwidth) and larger (cup size) than I thought.  Boy Howdie – are my boobs happy today.  Who knew a bra that fits would be so comfortable? 


I was so happy that I spent $38 each on multiple bras.  I am going to be very careful to intercept the credit card bill.  What Mr. Wonderful does not know will not cause his brain to explode.


This is doable because I’m the keeper of the finances around here.  Mr. Wonderful permanently lost checkbook privileges on 2002, back when we worked together at CNN. 


For the record, our marriage survived doing this for two years straight: sleeping together, eating breakfast together, riding metro to work sitting next to each other, working across the hall from each other, riding metro home, eating dinner and back to bed.  Yuck – talk about togetherness.


My assistant once said, “You two are SO romantic, do you go out to lunch together?”


“Are you kidding,” I snapped at her, “lunch is the only time I can get AWAY from him.  Romance my ass.”


Anyway – where was I?  I’m all done talking about boobs. OH – checkbook.  So there I was at work when a colleague came into my office and handed me the checkbook. 


“This was laying on your husbands desk.  I didn’t think you wanted it sitting out in the open.”


So that is how Mr. Wonderful lost the privilege of ever using the checkbook without supervision.  He loses his wallet and keys daily.  The checkbook is safer with me.


One other thing about shopping:  WTF does Old Navy have to play the music so loud?  I don’t shop there, but the kids love it.  I feel like the store is yelling at me. 
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