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Shooting Bambi

My cousin the travel writer has a brilliant article about “The Quietest Place on Earth” in the current edition of National Geographic Traveler.   It’s a beautiful piece about the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. 


It’s a really good article.  Hope you read it. 


Here’s another article he did that I can still find online:



*End of Pimp*


Meanwhile Back at the Ranch


I got home really late Saturday night – out with BFF and posse for her 51st birthday.  I was almost home when I had to just about stand my car on its nose to avoid hitting a fox that ran across the road. 


We also have a pair of owls that hoot really LOUD in a tree outside the bedroom window late at night.  I pretty much levitated off the bed the first time I heard them.  Now I’m used to it. 


I was pretty much diggin’ the wildlife Saturday night – seeing the fox, hearing the owl.  I got up at about 4am to get a glass of water glanced out the front door window on my way to the kitchen.


There he stood – big old deer, eating my huge pot of prized double bloom, pink striped impatients.  He ate them down to the dirt.  All gone.


I’m gonna shoot me some Bambi.  
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