November 22nd, 2006


I cook, therefore I am

By 8am this morning I had already been to the grocery store twice.  I went back to buy 4 gallons of milk hoping that would keep my son till Friday.  He’s going through multiple gallons a day.  I cannot make enough food to fill him up for more than two hours at a time.


That’s what happens when you grow more than an inch a month for an extended period of time.  He doesn’t seem to get above 130 lbs, but I swear, he eats 130 lbs of food daily.  Dinnertime means that he sits at the table and chomps like it is his job.  Fill up first time something is passed because it ain’t coming around again.  He is relentless.


My daughter has taken to hiding food under the vegetables in the bin to guarantee that she’ll have something to eat when she comes home from school.  Only the granola is safe from the maw that is this 15-year-old boy.


Tomorrow we are having steaks, shrimp, caesar salad, cheddar cheese and chive biscuits, baked potatoes (I have to fill him up on carbs) and green beans.  I have made three types of cookies and hidden them in my bedroom closet complete with dire threats so that they will still exist when its time for Thanksgiving desert. 


Mr. Wonderful is going to make apple pies.   We have neighbors who are newly in from Senegal – World Bank or ambassador types, I forget which, who have never had apple pie before.  That will keep my boys busy for part of the day.  It’s supposed to hose down rain – so no hiking or outside activity.  I rented movies from Blockbuster.  Wanna bet we’re in our pj’s all day?



Friday we head to Pennsylvania for a big family gathering complete with sacrificial turkey and more carbs.  My son will get enough to eat two days this week.   


We have to hurry home for the crucial game.  My son’s high school has this whole Cinderella, Friday Night Lights, first shot at the Championship in 25 years thing going on.  Before this season the football team had lost 27 games in a row.  It’s a really BIG DEAL and I show my spirit by not making raspberry noises when they go on and on and on about “the game.”  Nothing would convince me to sit in the cold stands and listen to everyone yell. 


I think about how lucky we are to have lots to eat, a safe place to live and friends and family.  Lots of people don’t. 


Have a great Thanksgiving.