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Eat Pie and Dance
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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

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The last first day and political wierdness
 My Son, Mr. Mono, was finally cleared to go to school on Tuesday.  We are officially Back To The Routine.  Up at 6am, dodge Mom who is stumbling around ready to bite anyone who speaks to her, shower; make bed, breakfast and school by 7a.

I’m back to driving around at in my pj’s.   Son to school, Mr. W to metro.  I just reek of style and charm at 7am.  

I realized, as I dropped Mr. Mono off at school, that this was the last first day of school ever.  Next year he’ll be away at college.  My Daughter has graduated and is working.   

All those first days with both kids – the school supply shopping, the yearly picture of first day morning, the excitement and anxiety of first day in kindergarten, middle school, high school – all finished.   

If I actually had brain function at 7am I would have gotten sniffy. 

But since it was before 8am I just kept blowing my nose and hating life.


Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.  In all my years of news – this is the best campaign ever. 

Show of hands – how many people think it creepy that she and her daughter were pregnant at the same time?  

Who thinks it’s a good idea for a pregnant 17 high school senior to marry another 17 yr old who has dropped out of school?  I’m thinking it’s not a recipe for success. 

Knowing the media frenzy that would accompany her nomination, did it ever occur to her that she’d be throwing her Daughter into a firestorm?   Egads!  Up next on Jerry Springer – My Husband is a wingnut too.  Separatist Alaska?  Seriously?

One thing I know for sure now – John McCain, who I like and respect, is willing to take enormous gambles with very little information.  I wasn’t planning to vote for him anyway – but now I wonder if he has a political death wish.  

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