October 29th, 2009


Moar Brains


Mr. Wonderful gets up Monday through Friday at 6am and heads to the gym.  As I have mentioned dozens of times before, I abhor anything before 8am.  My idea of hell is a 6am workout.  There is no need for more than one 6 o’clock in any day.

Usually, as he gets up, Mr. W presses his pillow into the small of my back.  I call it the heinie pillow of complete unconsciousness. I’m out for the duration.   

I come to about an hour later – driven by the need for caffeine.  Yesterday, I was stumbling around the kitchen, making coffee, being my usual evol morning self.  Mr. W walked in the kitchen door from workout and started grinning.  He irritates the hell out of me, being cheerful, first thing in the morning.

“Oh shut it,” I croaked at him.

“Moar Brains, uggnh, ” he said, pouring himself coffee, “except Zombies have more brain activity than you in the morning.”   

All I could do was chug my coffee and hate him for being a cheerful morning person.

Next morning he woke me up with a pat on the arm.  He had brought me a cup of coffee and the newspaper. 

“Moar brains,” he groaned at me grinning.  “Do you think your eyes will be pointing in the same direction by the time I need a ride to metro?”  

I am the luckiest person on earth.
I’ve been scurrying around Getting Ready for my trip to Korea and Thailand.  My new passport came the other day. SQUEE!  Passport #4 has a picture of an old lady – a marked contrast to Passport #1. 

I’ve been a lot of places for work and for fun, but I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated any travel as much as this trip.  It’s going to be winter in Korea and Heatstroke Central in Thailand.  I was fretting about packing. It usually isn’t an issue for me, as I go by the philosophy that there is More at the Store and I can also Do Without.

Then it hit me – I could just box up some summer clothes and mail them to Miss Peg. I wouldn’t have to haul it all over Korea.  Moar Brains!

I have lots more news – but for some reason these days, every time I sit down to type I get twitchy.  Who knows what's up with that......