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Eat Pie and Dance
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Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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Leaving on that midnight train to Georgia......
When y’all last heard from me, I was cleaning basements, hauling furniture around, adjusting to a post children-having house and thinking that the Golden Years shouldn’t involve moving so much furniture.

Boy Howdie

Three days later I picked Mr. Wonderful up at metro after work. He’d been offered a big sexy job at CNN HQ in Atlanta. It’s everything: interesting work, great people, off the breaking news/political schedule. We have the VIP relocation package.

Oh ATLANTA! We’re moving – him by mid March, me by the end of May. Life really is what happens while we are busy making other plans.

It took us a few days to digest the shock. Then, we couldn’t let the company announce OR tell anyone till after our Daughter, who also works at CNN, came home from a State of the Union remote in Iowa so we could tell her, our Son and my Parents before the official announcement.

Oy!! - very hard conversations. By the time I could tell my best friend of 49 years, I was a back-achy mess. It hasn’t gotten any easier, telling Miss Peg and my beloved Iron Maiden Book Club or any of the other Important People in our lives.

Suddenly I know how the Fatwa ends. It makes my throat close to type this.

Plus – the realization. Tom will be happy and busy. I’ll be sans friends and family in a place I didn’t choose, for the foreseeable future.

I’ve lived here all my life. My Parents live up the street and my Daughter lives 15 minutes away. I’m going to pull myself up by the taproot.

But –

How great is it that we have a chance, heading into our 6th decade, to have a real adventure? Esp one that promises a financial boost, adventure and the chance to do something completely different and unexpected? I'm in.

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