empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Rainy Days

Since I quit CNN, I have the very small life.  I run errands, cook meals, take care of people and go to the gym.  Nothing exciting. 


But I have the best guilty pleasure of all.  On rainy mornings, after I get husband and son breakfast and off to school/work, I can go back to bed.  It doesn’t happen often, usually I’m up and out the door right after I get them going.  But today, with traffic crazy and rain hosing down, I didn’t even bother with pretense. 


Trashy novel, dirty house, stacks of laundry, no groceries and me in bed with a cup of coffee until “later.”  I know I’m going to hell, because this is heaven.


Only one thing will get me out the door today. 

Thanks to the bad influence of chase820, I have to go to Hollywood Video and get the third season of "Queer as Folks."  That certainly illustrates how badly Gale Harold is miscast in the stinker that is “Vanished.”


The sound you are about to hear is snoring……


Tags: rainy days
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