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I just read on the CNN.com that Blackberry may be shut down.  Oh my, whatever will CNN senior executives do with their thumbs?  Um, I know the answer to that question from years of observation and experience - sit on them.  How will show producers show their importance in editorial meetings - or anyplace else?  Gads!  Sans Blackberry cable executives might have to make decisions or actually cover the news, rather than their asses. 

Well!  I feel better.  Just never want to miss an opportunity to be mean...

Me and my boy spied the leaf sucker truck as we ambled home from school and have just spent several more or less pleasant hours whisking leaves to the curb for pickup.  On my little acre of Maryland there are many big old trees.  I love them in the spring, am grateful for the shade in summer and squee every fall when they do the change color trick.  

Then comes the raking.  Not a marriage or Mom enhancing experience.  Number only son was in charge of the leaf blower, which meant he kept it aimed at me for maximum annoyance opportunities. Kid has got a gift for annoyance. 

Still, I don't know why I'm complaining, it is a beautiful day and a few hours of me doing physical labor is the least I can do (literally) considering how much Thanksgiving food fun happened.  I blame it on my right hand and my mouth.  I think I must have eaten in my sleep.

I swear, I've been sweatin' gravy at the gym and sobbing when I step on the scale.

On that happy note - for any interested here is a fab and really easy Tuscan Chicken recipie that impressed the heck out of my family the other day.  Tastes great and takes little effort in either prep or cleanup.

Tuscan Chicken

Tuscan Chicken

Note:  Needs to marinate overnight in either a big plastic ziplock or a large 'fridge container

1  Whole chicken (I had a 5 lb chicken) - spine removed.  I have the butcher at the grocery store do it because - ew.  The point is to have the sucker lay flat both marinating and baking..

3 Sprigs fresh rosemary (strip the leaves off two of the sprigs)

1  Lemon

6  Tablespoons Olive Oil

1  Large Red onion

Juice (squeeze) the lemon into a bowl, then chop it into maybe 6 big pieces.  Drop everything into the bowl.  Chop the red onion into large chunks and toss into the bowl.  Add the olive oil and give everything a good stir.  Strip 2 of the Rosemary sprigs and add to the marinade.

Pour over the chicken and leave it at least overnight.  If you marinate it in a ziplock, give it a shake or two to make sure the chicken is coated.  If you are using a tupperware, flip the chicken over at some point.  You just want to get both sides of the chicken coated.

  Preheat oven to 425 and cover either a cookie sheet or a roasting pan with aluminum foil (easy cleanup).  Flatten the chicken breast side up and pour the marinage over it.  Make sure the last sprig of Rosemary is on the top.  Bake 45 minutes to one hour.  The skin will be really crispy.  It smells great cooking and looks like you actually worked to make it....    


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