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October Surprise (s)

Monday, Mr. Wonderful was mowing and bent the mower blade on the same tree root that he always forgets about.  He pitched a fit, which I ignored, as I was painting doors with enamel.  The upshot was a crabby trip to Home Depo for an ax to chop and dig the root.  Cue him swearing, sweating, chopping and dragging away debris.  Volia!  No more tree root. 


Then he got to go to Sears for another lawnmower blade – which was good news since it meant that the shaft of the mower wasn’t broken.  Which would have meant buying a whole new mower.  Mowing the lawn only took 4 hours and $70. 


“Who says lawn service is more expensive?”  I asked him. 


“Bite me,” was his response. 


If he only knew…


Tuesday, he called from work asking for the dentist’s phone number.


“I think I’ve lost a filling.” Nope, he’d broken a back molar.  Hello $866 for a crown.  Surprise! 


Friday evening he and number one son were tussling.  This is apparently the way they communicate, because they are always swatting, elbowing, dope slapping, etc at each other.  Son jumped back onto a couch and crack!


“Could you two please not break anything more this weekend?” I asked them nicely.


They had broken one of the couch struts, which meant emergency home improvement project.  We had to pull the fabric off the underside of the couch; glue and clamp the doweled broken thingy, add reinforcement and then staple the fabric back down. 


So the couch is fixed, but goodbye leisurely Saturday morning.  By the time they left for a 2pm football game I was so happy to be alone and so happy it was hosing down rain.  Served them right!!


Sometimes living with boys is the pits.  Don’t even get me started on the belching and farting for fun.


Today was beautiful and the three of us hiked to Lake Needwood and watched a big bird fish.  It was lovely, flying around the blue sky and then diving into the water. 


It made my son hungry.  We hiked home so he could eat a loaf of bread, pound of lunchmeat and gallon of milk.  He’ll be taller than Mr. Wonderful by Christmas.


I lead a deeply shallow life.  It really makes me happy.  Someone else can go change the world for the better.  I’m just thrilled that nothing got broken today. 

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