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The view from the top

Mr. Wonderful has a job title that includes Broadcast Information Technology.  This means that everyone always calls his pants phone instead of thinking. 


He describes his most irritating work problem as being “PEBKAC.”


“OK,” I said, “I’ll bite.  What is PEBKAC?”


“Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.” He was all red in the face and frustrated. 


He waved his cell phone, buzzing all day with idiot calls, at me. “I can’t wait for the elections to be over.”


Show of hands.  How many people’s job would be easier if stupidity was painful? 


Ok.  I have gotten the mean out of my system…



We had a great family time this weekend.  Daughter came home from college.  We loaded into the car Saturday morning to hike the “Tumbling Run Trail” in the Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pa.  This was Mr. Wonderful’s stomping ground as a teenager.


It was beautiful.  Blue sky, brilliant foliage color, leaves at their peak.  We had a great climb, complete with teenage sarcasm, up the mountain.  The view was amazing. 


We went before, in the years before kids.  I dimly remember mountain nookie.  We took the kids a few times when they were little.  It had been years since we were last there. 


Now, the kids are young adults.  When we hike, they no longer lose their shoes, or have to go potty, or throw a fit because they see a snake (ok - that might have been me).  We don’t have to carry them anymore.


They’ve brought me so much joy and I love them so much that I never minded how much work they were.  When my son goes off to college in a few years it will really be the end of an era.  Which is ok.


All those years of family activity and Saturday hikes together pressed close to my heart as we chugged up the hill.  I wondered - when exactly does “Mom” become an honorary title?       


I tried to share what I was feeling, at the top of the mountain, with the kids.  I should know better.


They were disdainful.  “Save the drama for your Mamma.  You have to be Momslave for the rest of our lives.”  Naturally, it made me laugh. 


The view from the top was worth the effort.

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