empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Tis the season to be bitchy....

Something about November 1st always makes me want to shout “Welcome to the Eating Season.” 


For reasons I don’t understand, I anticipate hating everything that happens between now and January 2nd.  I don’t understand why I get this way.  I always enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas after I (complain nonstop) finish bitching.


Feh – getting dark early is the pits too.


Anyone volunteer to administer a dope-slap to the back of my head?  I deserve it.


Finally got to the Dr yesterday and scored antibiotics.  Hopefully, nose re-booting should happen within 48 hours.  I prolly spread cooties to every kid that ran the doorbell last night.  We handed out chocolate eyeballs, which were a big hit.  Little kids on sugar highs are really cute. 


Last night was the first Halloween since we were parents that we didn’t have a kid trick or treating.  Since number only Son is 15 we vetoed him going out.


The conversation went something like this:

Son – “But - candy!”

Us – “Sorry kiddo – after 14 and with no costume its just extortion.”


Luckily, the phone rang and a GIRL invited Son over for a party.  With pizza.  The joy!


The conversation went something like this:

Us – “Let us speak to her parents.” 

Son – “You guys are so embarrassing”

Us – “Its part of the Parent job description.”


Our school district, in its infinite wisdom, gave the kids today off.  That meant that every other teenager was out extra late last night.  “Sorry,” we told our son, when he called 2 minutes before curfew, “you picked the wrong Parents.  Home by 11pm.”   


Trick or Treating was much easier. 
Tags: tis the season to be bitchy....
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