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Save the drama for the Mama

I think the most remarkable thing about my life is how boring it is.  My husband and I get along fine; we love and enjoy our kids.  We have a reasonable expectation of happiness 


If anything it has been too quiet around here lately.


Then last Friday our daughter surprised us by showing up at 10p, climbing into bed beside me.  She asked if “you guys would mind if I moved home.  I can’t live in party central and stay on the Dean’s List.”


She’s taking 6 credit of Arabic every semester.  Her plan is undergraduate degree in 3 years, MBA and Law school.  She’s got the smarts and focus to do it.  Mr. Wonderful and I see our job as guiding her without getting in her way.


There was some tears and sniveling when we assured her that she was always welcome to live at home and commute to college, thereby saving us a wad of cash. 


“We’ve grown found of you,” I assured her.  “It would be great if you wanted to live at home.”  It had been very hard to see her move out. 


I’m not going to ask what happened that made her miss us or long for the boring sanity of home.  I'm just grateful that she's happy to be back.  She’ll prolly be gone again by next summer.  The biggest surprise is how glad my son and daughters are to be back in the sibling groove.  They must have really missed each other.  


For right now, it’s four of us around the dinner table again.  Seems like a real gift.




In other news, I was raking leaves today when I noticed an ambulance go past the house.  Soon followed by my Mom.  Dad was back on the ladder and had fallen and hurt himself.  You’d think they’d find something else to do besides ladder dancing.


We spent the day in the emergency room.  Dad is all banged up and will prolly be couch bound for at least two weeks before the bruising fades.  The ER doctor told him flat out – no more ladders.


“Um,” I interrupted, “define ladder for my Dad.”


“Keep both feet on the floor at all times.”  The ER doctor sounded impatient with me, but I know my Parents and he doesn’t.


“So” I said perkily, “no kind of device that elevates his height?  Can you PLEASE explain that again?”



Around here, life is what happens when you aren’t looking…...

Edited to add:  Called Mr Wonderful to give him an update as I was driving back from the hospital.  His question containedthe three most dangerous words he could have possibly said at the moment:  "What's for dinner?"

Truly I say to everyone:  Poor example of marital survival skills.  

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