empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Dragging through the weekend

For no apparent reason, the crud hit me on Friday night.  One minute I was sitting around watching War of the Worlds with my son and husband, the next minute I was feeling like crap.  So I am all drugged out with Imitrex and Claritin and moping around feeling BAD.  And sleepy and sniffy.

Don't feel sorry for me, I have that covered all on my own!  Hate to waste a good misery.

In spite of dragging around, we did finish the basement project.  Everyone will sleep better knowing that my basement is clean, organized and the trash hauled away.  Such progress for mankind....It was just as much fun as raking leaves, and I have had to solemnly promise my men that I would quit thinking up work to do.  Fine by me, I have to go lie on the couch and whine about how bad I feel anyway.  Then I have to get over it because being sick is boring.

I have to be in fighting form to go to the mall and make Christmas happen.  Newsflash world - Santa Claus is a woman.

Been re-reading Barb's fanfiction all weekend to make myself feel better.  Good stuff. 

Someday again I am going to read a book.  From the library, so that I have to go someplace that does not sell groceries.

Tags: dragging through the weekend
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