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This is cut due to being boring

I know I lead a charmed life and am really tempting fate to complain.  So I’m not.  Except maybe I really am.


To recap:  My Father zinged off a ladder, which hit my Mom, resulting in 40 stitches in her shin.  Dad was back on the ladder the very next day. 


Fast forward 10 days and he fell off a ladder.  Nothing broken, but one hell of a bruising, to the point of hardly being able to move.   Cue my Mom having to run up and down steps, with stitches, a zillion times a day tending to bed/chair/walker bound Dad.


I’m not getting along with my Parents very well for the first time in my life.  I feel bad for both of them and I’m angry.  I want them to downsize and they won’t consider it. 


Whining is really unattractive, isn’t it?



Thanksgiving is shaping up.  On Thursday, we’ll have New York strip steak (boys), spicy steamed shrimp (girls) baked potatoes and Caesar salad.  Good friends are coming for desert, bearing pumpkin pie. I’m making both ginger snap and chocolate cookies.


This is a pleasant change from the last few Thanksgivings, when the vote went for lasagna and ribs.  Ugh.  Labor intensive as hell, plus, nothing like lasagna, ribs and mashed potatoes on the same plate.  Yack.


Friday after we always head to Pa for Mr. Wonderful’s family Thanksgiving.  This is the traditional affair with the turkey and one zillion carbs.  I’ll prolly eat myself into a food coma.  All weekend….


My job is to bring green beans, brussel sprouts and an appetizer.  I’d love to make caviar pie, but this crowd would more enjoy cut up vegetables and ranch dip.


Now might be the time to mention that I lost 6 lbs and my cholesterol dropped 96 points (that was a lot of oatmeal folks, in addition to medicine).  My blood sugar dropped, but is still over the healthy level.  “Well”, says the Dr, “lose some more weight.  You’ve outgrown your pancreas.” 



We had dinner at good friends house tonight.  She was my after college roommate for 8 years and my only childhood friend that had kids. 


We’ve been too busy with kids and jobs.  Our lives no longer overlapped.  We decided to alternate, once a month hosting dinner.  It’s worked out well, helping us stay connected.  We laughed and laughed tonight. 


I love going there, the house is beautiful and her husband was a professional chef.  I get nervous when they come to my house, but he’s always so encouraging and I have not disgraced myself yet. 



Having my daughter move home has been a joy.  She went with us to dinner and is now out for the night.  Mr. Wonderful went to check out a co-workers band.  I used the (legitimate) excuse that I didn’t want to leave our Son alone, but I just couldn’t see going to a bar and having my ears blasted. 


God I’m boring. 



Had my first ever book club meeting, long overdue considering how much of my life is spent with my nose in a book.  It’s the same women I lift weights with – we’re not just muscles.


The book was “State of Denial” by Bob Woodward.  I usually like ghost stories in the fall, but this was much scarier.  It was fun discussing the book plus eating and drinking.  We decided that the next meeting would be at my house and the book would have sex. 


Aren’t you sorry you wasted your time reading this?

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