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Wake me up when it's over.

To borrow a line from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, I hate everyone. It’s just that time of year.

Mr. Wonderful came home crabby today. He hopes he has lost a filling because otherwise its new crown time. In November he got a crown replaced. Whoopie, $800 for what insurance doesn’t cover.

The dentist office is closed till Monday for renovations. I hope the damn tooth doesn’t fall out of his head before then. Could be painful.

Merry Christmas. This year he gets new teeth.

I go to my Parents every day by 7:15am. My Dad wants his coffee and can’t go downstairs unassisted. My Mom would never be up that early if he wasn’t injured. She’s meaner than me mornings and I’m always crabby till 8am. Mom is groggy when she first wakes up, with a side of poor balance.

It makes me nervous to think of her on the stairs so I go over make the coffee and bring it to them. Every day, Dad tells me “I could get used to this.” I feel guilty because it makes me cranky.

I haul whatever needs to be upstairs/downstairs and try and leave by 9am. They aren’t finished talking, but I want to go to the gym. This sets my dial on bitchy for the rest of the morning, proof that I am a bad, self-centered person. Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.

They haven’t been out much since the ladder dancing accidents. Dad is still using the walker and is very tentative when upright. He doesn’t mind being housebound, esp since food appears at regular intervals and Mom fetches everything for him.

Mom is feeling trapped in the house. Duh.

Grumbling, I dropped my daughter off at metro. She kissed me and said “Bye-bye Mommy. Make good choices today.” Smartass. 

We had much discussion of Christmas gifts at dinner tonight. The kids told me I was getting an apron and handcuffs for Christmas so I’d never leave the kitchen. Mr. Wonderful suggested a leash so I ”can do laundry too.” Everyone thought this was hilarious except me, because sometimes I feel the chains. Ha HA ha. Bite me.

My bad mood misery makes them laugh at me. Thank God.

No one notices how evil I’m being. If I can’t make my family miserable I might as well go to bed early.

Tags: wake me up when it's over.
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