empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Ho Ho HO

Yesterday was all about finishing up.  Extra hard workout, liquor store run, and home to cook, cook, cook. 


The rain hosing down made the day extra special.  Boy Howdie – am I glad I didn’t have to be anywhere after lunch.  Traffic was a mess in the morning.  I can imagine what it was like later for all those people struggling home from work.  Or for families trying to get started on holiday travel.  It must have been miserable.


I vividly remember those days, trying to get out of work a few hours early to beat the rush, with one zillion things to do.  Now when I see those women, standing in line at the store in their middle management pumps and a list a mile long – ugh, I feel so sorry for them.


Holidays are stressful.  Santa Claus is a woman. 


Yesterday, we entered the Good Zone.  By the time Mr. Wonderful got home from work, all was done.  House clean, food prepared or prepped for the future, cookies baked. 


We had a nice dinner and then fired up the TV and the fireplace.  I had sent the kids (ages 19 and 15) out for a movie.   Their choice for a family movie night?  The Muppets Christmas Carol.


They might be older and larger, but they are still kids. 
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