empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Alone is good

Christmas has been lovely.  Nice time with family, calories galore.  Is it over yet?  I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to sustain the holiday high this year. 


My Daughter and I saw Dreamgirls today.  I loved it.  Her, not so much, which surprised me since she dragged me to Chicago three times before I told her I would absolutely NOT go again. 


There is no accounting for taste.


I grew up with Motown on the radio, spending Saturday afternoons dancing in white go-go boots singing along with the Supremes.  My BFF and I watched Soul Train and had all the moves.  We lip synced to the music, standing on top of the picnic table in my backyard, singing to our hairbrushes.


What??  Being 12 was fun.


Tonight Mr. Wonderful and the kids went to the AFI to see The Godfather.  I couldn’t stand the thought of two movies in one day and jumped at the chance to be alone in the house. 

It must be a fudge overdose….


Tags: alone is good
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