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Snow! And Senior Citizens...

This being a near-in suburb of Our Nation's Capital, no snowflake goes unreported.  The weathermen (s) were raving about the possibility last night during the 11p news.  It was one sad 14 year old boy who woke up to discover that nothing had happened.Always long faced about school on a Monday morning - but he was truly heartsick at 7am when I dropped him off.  When I picked him up this afternoon, he and his friends were wound tight, as snow was starting to fall.  It was like having four really big dogs in the van, all the panting and leaping around.  They are outside now, tearing around hollering.  Many buffalo, only louder.  When my kids were little, they'd use up the snow in our yard and then fill their sleds up with snow from the neighbors, bringing it back home to play in.  Our yard is where the snowbattles happen. 

In DC, when the snow word is mentioned, everyone runs out to buy milk and toilet paper.  Once it starts snowing, those are the only things anyone can think about - as if there will never be any more milk or tp.  I made the mistake of stopping for groceries on the way back from the gym (so senile that I forgot the forecast) and was stuck in a herd of senior citizens buying one Lean Cuisine each.  A bus from the local Senior Center had delivered about 20 people dressed as if they lived at the North Pole.  I must have helped 10 old ladies get something from a high shelf (over 4 feet) in the grocery store.  Then of course, I am behind the little old lady who turns out every pocket, purse flap and sleeve looking for the coupon in the checkout line. It must be really hard to be old. I try and be patient.  I'll be there someday, twice as bitchy. 

I'm 50 and fastly reaching the invisible stage.  The CIA should hire me to be an assassin.  I could do the job in broad daylight on a crowded street and no one would notice.  My husband insists that someday he'll be run down by a 20 something blond driving a car and talking on the cellphone (a worldwide epidemic), who will never notice him standing in the crosswalk.  I however, have both temper and moxie, so at least I'll go down cussing.

I hope it snows a whole lot this winter.  I won't mind having the schedule disrupted, the kids thumping through, leaving doors open and eating everything in sight every two hours.  Only a few more years and its gone forever, the boys and noise, and then when it snows it will just be a problem instead of a gift.


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