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Busy News Day

Today is what the pros call a busy news day. Mr. Wonderful has been on the phone and email all day. So much for well deserved vacation.

I am feeling sorry for Mr. Wonderful. He is feeling guilty. As much as I am glad that I don’t have to rush into work anymore, I also miss it in some tiny portion of my tiny brain. There is a lot of feeling swirling around here.

Just about all our friends have been called in from vacation/weekend/life. I told Mr. Wonderful that he’d already sacrificed 7 vacation days to the job this year, he could damn well stay home and let someone else figure it out.

Such is the joy of working at CNN.

It never fails – you go on vacation and a plane drops out of the sky. Cue scrambling back to the bureau from some great place - after telling the family to “have a good time”. Princess Diana died on a Saturday evening in the middle of Labor Day weekend. Drag everyone out of the movie theatre because Mom had to get to work.

President Ford dies the day after Christmas and everyone works non-stop through New Years. Hussein is going to be executed, the International Desk needs support. All stories have a Washington angle.

In all the years I worked at CNN, I can’t remember a year when I didn’t have to work a Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. Something always happened. All hands on deck for the new millennium. Yeesch.

The sacrifices that news people make to bring the news to your television, computer, newspaper….are enormous. Just sayin….
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