empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Goodbye 2006 - not gonna miss you!

I've had limited on-line time these last few days - but Jeeze Louise, is everyone sick?

We managed (knock wood) to escape the Christmas plague this year.  I think it must be because our kids are older and don't get elementary-school sick as often anymore.  I vividly remember several Christmas-past family illnesses.  Blarg!  What pure petri dishes young kids are...

I'm not to sorry to see the end of 2006.  Between illnesses (my MIL and the heart valve/bloodstream infection) and accidents (my Dad and the effing ladder), I spent a great deal of the year caring for poeple I love, which I was glad to do and worrying myself stupid, which made me cranky.  Add in some icky divorces of friends or family and you have the perfect storm.  

So I'm glad that the past is - um - past.  I will always think the future holds hope for a better world.

More laughter and dancing - less worry, please, for 2007.

Tags: goodbye 2006 - not gonna miss you!
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